Since 2016

Change For the Future

Our Products

FORTE is a company that actively supports challengers without fear against new changes.

Enrich your space with candles.

KiitoS Candles help to discover a way of your living.

The health of pets makes you be happy.

9PETS’s Chinese herbal pet foods make your happy time with you and your family.

The Shop

Nenrin Cafe is a your rich communication space for your offline.

Our Vision

What is the future that Forte is aiming for?

It is about creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy products and services by making full use of digital technologies in every countries and regions.
Connecting people, Creating new things and service which are growing dramatically in the world by digital technologies.
And everyone gets the benefit from them.
Our mission is to support those who challenge the future through the fusion of new businesses, education and work.



5-59, Fushikiyada,
Takaoka city,
Toyama Prefecture,